Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

It's a waste

Mary, a dear (and sharty) friend, who currently lives & teaches in Thailand, is home visiting for a couple of weeks again. We first met in school a few years ago, but after Mary graduated she moved to Thailand for a teaching position with her boyfriend. Now we get to visit each other once or twice a year. It’s always good times when we reunite.

Photos: Random East Bay sight-seeing and adventuring. This specific kick-it spot would have to be the newly built hologram vaginal-jesus church right in the middle of Lake Merritt. Getting our knees bent.


May, 2012.


My lovely cats!

It's Norbert!

Salem :)

Salem again. bryan loves him :)
Tubbers :)

That's Sami. Bryans parents found this little angel.

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