Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

Cute =)

And Ms. Jennitals here, futzing around in my truck of bright orange doom: (She likes the truck, I however, would have to disagree. Yes, it gets me places, so that's all that really counts anyway)

Right. I totally reject Twilight and refuse to have anything to do with it, (Edit: I actually watched it and it wasn't as bad as I expected, but still pretty bad, - a glittery vampire, WTF!?) but here I am finishing the fifth Harry Potter. Bryan and I just started the first one about three weeks ago. We’ve made it just in time to be able to catch the sixth one in theaters. The fifth Harry Potter is my favorite, I can't imagine the next being an improvement visually. In each film I kept a look out for that owl - the clumsy one, who delivers all the mail and crashes into everything. Haha. I love how they did the fight sequence between Dumbledore and 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named' .It was breathtaking. The whole thing, fantastic visually. The way everything was spliced - the memory scenes, I mean. It’s close to how flashbacks really feel. Sure there are slight things to criticize, but I’m not going to. The movies are brilliant without having to count on overplayed scenes just to make up for a lack of substance. I’m hardly ever very impressed with wholesome movies. No, that’s not true. But my point stands out better now.
It is nice having a boyfriend who runs a video store. And video game stuff too but we do everything on computers these days, sadly. I completely miss playing sonic the hedgehog, echo the dolphin, crash bandicoot, Croc + other cheesy games. Since his store has the typical mix-up we're able to keep mostly any film. We have so many movies now, such a sick amount between the two of us. I'm already looking forward to seeing The Fourth Kind with Milla Jovovich. It looks pretty scary actually! I could never straight face an Alien type film. (well not true for all) But I'll admit, 'Signs' scared me hard. M. Night Shyamalan is so gifted in creating those creepy atmospheres. He takes the ordinary, the everyday commonality in which anyone can relate, - manipulates it, - for when we are to reexamine that ordinary thing, it has been so creep-revised, you no longer can refer to that thing as it once was - an ordinary taken for granted thing. - That, is undeniably beautiful. For months after I watched Signs I needed to have Bryan touch my back or put a pillow behind me so no "alien hand" could get there... >_< or I would ask him to let me fall asleep first while it's still "safe", Hah. My reaction to watching Fire in the Sky = far more pathetic than Signs though. Fuck that movie right here! The whole movie is sluggish and tolerable - even retarded, then suddenly out of nowhere... this memory scene that the main actor experiences, caused by some silly flapjack syrup that accidentally falls down his face... hits the screen for several terrifying minutes of complete fuck! Depending on how hormonal I am that day, it can be unbearable to watch. I love gore, medical related scenarios, even silly supernatural things. None of it repels me at all, - rather opposite, except the one subject ... Aliens, Oh & Volcanoes. Why! It's so dumb. So much intolerance, I must have been abducted before or something ... in a magma encrusted spaceship, probably. Those are my biggest visual fears. And I give that power to anyone who reads this if you feel like being evil. ^^