Dienstag, 28. September 2010

These boots....

I’ve been working on a few different projects this week. (2weeks ago, by now) One in particular involved money saving. All of my dark colored bras are (were) pretty thrashed from being worn & washed so much, so I got permanent black fabric dye to make them appear new again. Also, some of them have (had) tears, rips and loose straps, so I’m sewing (have sewn, rather) them back together using different fabrics; mesh, nylon, and a kind of lacy fabric I abducted from a pair of underwear. I’m a little disappointed that the “permanent” dye didn’t endure the final wash, instead it just bled them all so much that I’ll need to dye them over again. Which is a little irritating because while in the dying process, I used boiling hot water for a “richer color” and I kept them soaking for over an hour until the water cooled. Anyway, the dyes were $3 each, versus buying all new bras from Victoria’s Secret, priced typically at about $40+ a pair. Cha-Ching. At the last moment, I decided to toss in some random pair of leg warmers as well, just for a refresher. They turned out well enough though, so I’ll not need to dye those again. All in all I think it went well & I’ll definitely do this more often, also with other colors. After that I got to work on fixing some buttons on Bryan's pants and right now I'm working on something ... pretty uh, interesting, heh. Not too sure how it'll turn out yet.


This project was really just to help me get back in the sewing groove for a Halloween costume I’m making this year: Phoenix! It’s Dark Phoenix (X-Men) inspired but wings will be involved. So, I really have my work cut out for me, I think. I don’t want to speak prematurely or insist it’ll be this grand creation, but IF all goes as planned - it should be a nice costume. I’ll be making Bryan’s Death Eater costume also, but that’s basically a 5MIN closet browse and a 20MIN make-up job, haha. He’s so very uncomplicated regarding these things. He WAS going to be Dumbledore &then we would match. Sort of. (Dumbledore has a pet Phoenix) - Also I toyed with the idea of going as an Albino Kitty. - I had everything mapped out, down to using these tiny press-on baby pink rhinestones instead of whiskers, with a baby pink & stark white costume, along with pink contacts, while Bryan would go as a Wizard. We’d planned it that way to, again, match. (I think Wizards have kitty pets?) Maybe I’ll do the albino kitty idea just for fun some other time, and I’ll definitely use it as a backup plan, should I fail Phoenix.


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